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Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS – the first IT business conference in Chernihiv

In 2021, we invited some top executives of Cluster’s companies to speak for more than 150 listeners within the first IT business conference in Chernihiv.


The event would not have been so bright without partner support! As a reminder, its general “partner” was “WOW Home” application, aimed to make the life of Chernihiv residents as comfortable as possible.

UKRSIBBANK, Chernihiv Polytechnic National University and Chernihiv Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry became key partners without which we would not have coped.


We are also grateful to our dream partners: “Eco Comfort Group”, “WINETIME”, public utility “Budynok Knyhy”, NGO “Eco Misto”, “Mister.Am”, “Hochu pizza”, “Hochu sushi”, “Banda vkusa”, “Office Massage”.


We send + in karma of the friends who provided informational support: “Dytynets” TV channel, Kyiv IT Cluster, Chernihiv Regional Development Agency, IT Ukraine Association.


You can watch all the speeches below.


In this video, Yaroslav Tsyhanenko (CEO / co-founder of Dots Platform) tells how your startup can get $ 100,000+ from the state or corporations.

Why did 13Chats go free swimming? What mistakes did they make and what conclusions did they draw? How to look for a team and why you should not stop when “everything is rushing”? Alina Dykukha (CEO 13Chats) tells about this and much more in her report.

In this video, Viktor Kmita (CEO explains the cultural features of corporate business in Europe and the USA, which will help you speak the same language with clients.

Have you heard how cool Arturas Kvederis (managing director at Valtech Ukraine) speaks Ukrainian? And how he declares love for Ukraine? Or about how his business was going through COVID-19 crisis?

If not, you have a good chance to do it right now!

In the next video, Oleksandr Rys (brand ambassador at SendPulse) tells about how to develop your brand in IT from a no-name in Chernihiv to a top market player.

“How to Build the Largest Marketplace of Kazakhstan While Staying in Ukraine” is the final speech in the series.

Here our Chernihiv colleague Maksym Melnyk (CEO talks about the approaches to his tasks, what was the first in the marketplace, why exactly Kazakhstan, and much more.

Pleasant moments Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS:

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