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The COVID-2019 pandemic changed the world significantly. Many things that used to seem familiar and unshakable, were rethought, changed or even temporarily disappeared. Interaction between people began to be associated with risk, and personal hygiene given more attention than ever.


Olympiad organizers decided to find a useful application for students’ skills. Its goal was to get acquainted with the method of identifying contact persons using Computer Vision.


The teams received video files containing balls of different colors that could move and touch each other, with the red ones considered “contagious”.



The tasks were as follows:

  • Count the balls using a program.

  • Number each one by colour.

  • Count the reds balls.

  • Follow trajectories of the latter (if any) and identify the balls of other colours that “contacted” them.



Besides realizing technical components, the teams had to make presentations and demos of their work results for evaluation by a competent jury consisting of Volodymyr Rudyi (CEO AgileVision), Volodymyr Bazylevych (head of the Department of Information and Computer Systems at Chernihiv Polytechnic National University) and Sviatoslav Chernenko (Scrum master of Litera).


Two winning teams were chosen: “BitHack” (Dmytro Lutskyi, Andrii Kyriienko, Ihor Melikhov) and “Heavy Minds” (Dmytro Huzenko, Artem Kharkovnyk) – the third- and second-year students respectively, who would traditionally receive scholarships from Chernihiv IT cluster.


According to the participants’ feedbacks, the task was quite difficult and interesting. The students also appreciated the time they spent with their colleagues. Teamwork is one of the important components of an IT professional’s activity, so Olympiad is not only a “pumping” of technical skills, but also training of soft ones and preparing for the realities of working in IT industry.

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