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Community Day: "Chat-assistant: cases from practitioners" completed!

Second Community Day completed!

Community Day in April has already happened!🔥
Three professionals shared their own experience of using chatbots in their professional life on the last Tuesday of April, as usual.
1️⃣ Artem Fokin talked about how to create a chatbot using the SendPulse service. He emphasized that this service allows you to quickly configure the operation of the bot, add functions according to business needs and interact with customers in automatic mode.

2️⃣ The second speaker, Oleksandr Rys, spoke about the use of chatbots for the Prometheus educational platform. He shared examples of using chatbots to increase audience engagement in online courses, reduce team workload and event alerts that help ensure business continuity and automate many processes.

3️⃣ At the end of the event, Oksana Sakva presented a report of how to use ChatGPT to the maximum. She shared the practical experience of the "Vivat Kancelaria" and "Librarium" stores. We considered in details, how to use chat-assistant to optimize the processes of the marketing department.

Oksana also shared practical tips on how to use ChatGPT optimally, including working with scripts, setting parameters and interacting with interlocutors.

Of course, after the presentations, we held a networking session with pizza, where the participants discussed and looked for practical solutions for existing businesses.
The recording of the speakers' reports is available in two parts in the previous posts of our Instagram page.

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