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Visiting the SendPulse


15:00-16:00 — Oleksii Moroz, Team-Lead Pop-Up Team, SendPulse: "Interview as a tool for self-learning or why there are no bad interviews"

16:00-16:15 — Pizza Break

16:15-17:15 — Yehor Herasymchuk, CTO and co-founder of Dots Platform: "How to learn PHP in a week and start earning already?"


Visiting the JEVERA

15:00-16:00 — Oleksandr Bonert​, Team-Lead, JEVERA: "Expectations from juniors. What awaits you if you are accepted into the team and how to prepare for it."

16:00-16:15 — Pizza Break

16:15-17:15 — Yevhen Patlan, Manager, Build&Release Engineering, Percona: "DevOps: Per aspera ad astra"


Visiting the Speroteck


15:00-16:00 — Dmytro Salamatov, Project Manager, Speroteck: "What is a project. General concepts and processes on the project."

16:00-16:15 — Pizza Break

16:15-17:15 — Olga Gustas, Senior Manuale QA, Speroteck: "Inside the world of Manual QA: Role, duties and responsibilities in the project"


Visiting the LITERA


15:00-16:00 — The speaker is being specified, the topic is being specified

16:00-16:15 — Pizza Break

16:15-17:15 — The speaker is being specified, the topic is being specified

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