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Chernihiv IT cluster’s position regarding current situation in Chernihiv Region

Over the past month, public sphere witnessed intensive communication of IT communities with each other and the authorities. However, representatives of Cluster companies were not always involved in that process. Therefore, our team decided to publish its position as the vision on IT business’ responsibility in overcoming the crisis caused by Russia’s military actions against Ukraine.

From the very foundation, one of Cluster community’s key principles was the awareness that Chernihiv is a comfortable and clean city, an ideal location to maintain work-life balance.

The practical implementation of this principle is currently being tested for strength.

Since the large-scale war began, Chernihiv.IT was operating in a decentralized manner. The companies were implementing their projects by the staff located throughout Ukraine and abroad for security reasons. None of them changed registered office address or ceased participating in Cluster’s activities. As a result, sustainable business practices enabled all its members to keep paying taxes and supporting the regional economy.

At the same time, both companies and their employees participate in volunteer projects to support the military and civilians in need. In particular, our IT specialists received and mounted Starlink satellite communication terminals that provided a reliable connection to the Internet network for critical infrastructure facilities in Chernihiv Region.

We are committed to continuing to work with colleague companies in the region, other IT clusters and industry associations, as well as local authorities to restore the economy and strengthen Chernihiv. Such synergy is the key to the region’s sustainable development and the opportunity to jointly overcome the challenges for our country.

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