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Cluster participants are united by the desires to:


  • develop IT industry in the region

  • consolidate IT community via conducting professional events

  • increase the level and quality of personnel training and strongly support regional universities

  • cooperate via informational and PR campaigns with schools and parents of future entrants regarding career guidance and popularization of IT industry as one of the most promising in Ukraine

  • prevent outflow of personnel from the region

  • provide an opportunity for talented youth to realize their potential with the support of experienced specialists from local IT business.


Yuliia Daineko
Chernihiv.IT board head, local HR community founder, business events organizer and JEVERA company operational director.
She has been creating and developing technology teams for over 12 years, implementing a culture of openness and trust as a basis for potential development and the best results of interaction. Yuliia believes the time will come when leadership will be the main feature distinguishing humans from AI.
Chernihiv.IT Coordinator, responsible for operational activities and the communication direction. Bogdan is an active student and a talented community activist.
Our coordinator has ambitions to promote the idea of developing Chernihiv as a promising hub for technological advancement and a sustainable future, as well as an ideal place to support work-life balance. We believe in him!
Chernihiv.IT event coordinator and SendPulse company HR director.
She is a master of networking, music maniac and just extra
positive person. For her, there are no tasks that can not be realized.
Ideological inspirer and active member of Cluster, delivery manager of IT SmartFlex company. He assists businesses in changing to effectively manage IT products development, and often inspires us to change also.
Adept of PHP and Cluster’s educational programs, CTO & co-founder of local startup Dots Platform. He is a speaker of many profile events, blogger and happy father.
Active participant of Chernihiv.IT various activities and CEO of local product company Dots Platform. Living in Chernihiv, he and his team plan to “conquer the world”. We like the goal. We are in!
DevOps guru, speaker and organizer of educational programs for both Cluster and various national or international events.
Manager, build & release engineering at Percona company.
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