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Green Office

In 2021, together with NGO “Eco Misto” we came up with “Green Office” project. Its goal was to optimize waste and sort it directly in the offices of Chernihiv IT companies.


During the year, our partners conducted audits of the trash bins at 6 companies, and also provided recommendations on recyclables optimization and correct separate collection. Today some Chernihiv.IT companies already see real results!


This video will motivate those willing to join the side of good. It will also help those who want to develop environmental protection values in their teams and strengthen corporate unity.


Chernihiv.IT is a community of eco-conscious companies. We thank EVO, Valtech Ukraine, UA, SendPulse, JEVERA, Dots Platform for supporting environmental trends. In 2022, we plan to share this experience with other colleagues.


By the way, our one shows the developed model is very simple and efficient, so it can be implemented in any local office.

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