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Educational webinars for those interested in IT are an opportunity to gain and deepen knowledge on various topics, hear practical cases, tips and other useful information from experienced

IT professionals regarding technologies, career, personal development and self-improvement.


Get more details about the events that have already taken place, as well as relevant videos:


Chernihiv.IT Marketing CRASH COURSE

The online intensive for students and all interested with the opportunity to receive a completion certificate


11 important webinars of the end of 2021 that you could miss are already open!

It is a well-known fact that self-education is the best investment in oneself and own professional development. No global crisis can reduce your intellectual capital, and knowledge, as they say, is something you do not have to carry on your shoulders. The question is when to do it? Where to go? Where and what to look?


"PROSVITA 2021": mission completed

The webinars featuring Chernihiv.IT experts within the winter-spring training program “PROSVITA” have been completed. In case you missed something or want to refresh your knowledge, everything is freely available on our

YouTube channel.

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