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The webinars featuring Chernihiv.IT experts within the winter-spring training program “PROSVITA” have been completed. In case you missed something or want to refresh your knowledge, everything is freely available on our YouTube channel.

Let us remind who exactly spoke and on what topics:

Denys Kalinichenko, PM “How to Understand What You Want to Do and Get into IT?”

“Team Microclimate: What Is It and What For?”

Maksym Melnyk, CEO (EVO): “What Is the Role of BizDev in a Company?”

Diana Kovalova, PM JEVERA: “Managing Project Stakeholders’ Expectations”

Dmytro Selekh, marketer of SendPulse: “Copywriting: How to Stand Out from Competitors and Work Not for Food?”

Maksym Tulenko, sales team lead at “Sales, or There Is Nowhere in IT Without Us”

Oleksandr Bartash, software architect at AgileVision: “Encryption and Digital Signature Using PGP”

Iryna Troshchynska, head of marketing at AgileVision: “A Marketer’s Career in IT: Why Choose and What Are Steps to Start?”

Volodymyr Rudyi, CEO AgileVision: “What Is Necessary to Know and Be Able to Do in 2021 to Successfully Start
a Developer’s Career?”

Artem Fokin, marketer of SendPulse: “Who Is a Marketer Today? What Should One Be Able to Do and How to Stay in Top?”

Ivan Metla, lead software engineer at AgileVision: “Easy Database Migration. Flyway”

Anton Boyko, Azure Cloud architect at Valtech Ukraine: “Statistical Websites: Old Junk from the 90s or a Smart Way

to Create Modern Web Applications?”

Dmytro Shemendiuk, head of SendPulse design department: “Development of Skills That Help to Achieve More”

Olha Shcherba, delivery manager at AgileVision: “Software Project Documentation”

Serhii Kurenkov, marketer of JEVERA: “Account-Based Marketing: Core Principles”

What should you know about this winter-spring program to keep track of registration for future streams?

Number of webinars: 15.
Topics: technologies, PM, BizDev, marketing, sales, soft skills.
Total hours of our content listened to: 110.
Audience: about 1100 unique listeners of all webinars, of which almost 90% are students.


We do not say goodbye, since we are already planning new meetings!
Learn more about educational activities from Chernihiv.IT in our chatbot:

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