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Twice a year, Chernihiv.IT holds a programming Olympiad for students of various universities.

The competition’s goal is to develop relevant skills and test them in real conditions.

Local winners receive a scholarship for the next six months.

Olympiads are always a drive and informal communication,

as well as a great chance to declare yourself!


Learn more about Olympiads that have already taken place:


Олімпіада, березень 2023

Під час олімпіади, студенти не лише продемонстрували свої технічні навички та творчий підхід у розв'язанні завдань, але й здобули важливі знання в сфері кібербезпеки. Особливий акцент був зроблений на безпеці даних та усвідомленні загроз кібербезпеки...

круг олимпиада.jpg

The last Saturday of October became the day of a fierce battle between 15 teams of young programming geniuses. IT championships were popular worldwide, so we at Chernihiv.IT organized a similar event for students every six months. This time the task was to develop a ...


In many industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, entertainment and hospitality, the issue of indoor navigation is relevant. That is why Cherhihiv.IT decided to acquaint students with how to determine the position of a person with a certain accuracy ...


The COVID-2019 pandemic changed the world significantly. Many things that used to seem familiar and unshakable, were rethought, changed or even temporarily disappeared. Interaction between people began to be associated with risk, and personal hygiene given more attention than ever.


On April 11, Chernihiv IT cluster held another programming Olympiad. The situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic did not prevent the event, but also changed its format and gave the idea for the topic of Olympiad task.


Autumn battle of bots at the Olympiad in programming from the Chernihiv IT cluster. It is nice to see more and more new faces of participants every time. This means that cluster activities are becoming increasingly popular among students. It is especially cool that this year many FIRST year students took part in the Olympiad! So motivated ...


In April, the Chernihiv IT cluster traditionally holds a programming olympiad. Participants practice writing bots, fiercely compete for victory. The best receive a scholarship from Chernihiv.IT for the next six months. HRs and recruiters of IT companies always come to the competition, look closely at students, meet ...


On November 3, ChNTU hosted the second programming olympiad organized by the Chernihiv IT Cluster. This time the tasks for the participants were algorithmic. The Chernihiv.IT team was pleasantly surprised by the level of preparation of the participants and the speed of the tasks. Five winning students received a scholarship ....


On April 21, 2018, the team of the Chernihiv IT cluster held a programming competition on the basis of the Chernihiv National University of Technology. We invited students of all courses to participate. Alexander Skosyr gives instructions to participants 34 students took part in the Olympiad. They were given the task to develop a bot ...

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