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April 2018 Olympiad

On April 21, 2018, Chernihiv IT cluster team held a programming Olympiad at ChNUT (Chernihiv National University of Technology), to which we had invited students of all courses.


34 persons took part in the competition. They were tasked with developing a bot for Battleship game. The participants were working on that for several hours in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Of course, the most interesting was performing the sea battles to determine the winners. There were also disappointments: sometimes the bot turned out to be imperfect, sometimes luck failed. The battles turned out exciting and emotional!


The absolute champion was Denys Konovalov, a 4th-year student. Ivan Burmaka, Olena Kulyk, Oleksandr Moiseienko and Vladyslav Nykytenko also won Olympiad. Congratulations to the best!


We invite you to participate in future events of Chernihiv IT cluster. Our team is already preparing a new challenge!

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