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Olympiad, April 2020

On April 11, Chernihiv IT cluster held another programming Olympiad. The situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic did not prevent the event, but also changed its format and gave the idea for the topic of Olympiad task.


Eight registered teams gathered online and got the instruction to create a Telegram bot for working with open COVID-19 data, including clear explanations on the final projects functionality and evaluation criteria.



A bot was supposed to:

  • Display information on statistics of those infected in a country by its name using API.

  • Display information on statistics of those infected in a country of a user’s location with coordinates given.

  • Receive data from a user on a case of coronavirus disease at an address and store it for future use.

  • Provide information on those infected with coronavirus in a city by its name.



Besides realizing technical components, the teams had to prepare demos of their projects and present them to the jury and all the participants within a three-minute time slot.


During Olympiad, the teams enjoyed an open communication channel with our experts and could receive necessary tips and guidances.



Except for one team that unfortunately dropped out of the competition, everyone coped with the task in the allotted time and successfully presented demos of their Telegram bots. The jury was represented by Oleksandr Skosyr (head of development teams at Astound Commerce), Volodymyr Rudyi (CEO AgileVision), Volodymyr Bazylevych (head of the Department of Information and Computer Systems at Chernihiv Polytechnic National University) and Iryna Lysytsia (Chernihiv.IT director), who evaluated completed tasks and chose the winners. They were “Bot and Shoes” (Marko Makhovyk, Oleksandr Sylenok, Oleksandr Furhailov) and “Darin & Zerowan” (Andrii Kyriienko, Ihor Melikhov) – the third- and second-year students respectively, who would traditionally receive scholarships from Chernihiv IT cluster.

According to the participants, online format and the tasks “got in” the students, and they all plan to participate in future Chernihiv.IT projects: “The task was interesting; it was also exciting to cooperate with your friends. You felt part of something bigger when creating a joint result”.


You can watch Olympiad broadcast here:

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