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It is a well-known fact that self-education is the best investment in oneself and own professional development. No global crisis can reduce your intellectual capital, and knowledge, as they say, is something you do not have to carry on your shoulders. The question is when to do it? Where to go? Where and what to look? We answer: stay in any comfortable place, sit back and just take a small amount of time for yourself. Because in Chernihiv.IT we have already taken care of everything.


Our community constantly organizes educational events for all eager to improve their professional level in IT and related fields. In 2021, we launched a series of open webinars by experienced IT practitioners, including CEOs, marketers, project managers, developers, etc. The experience and knowledge they willingly share in their lectures are unique content that you will not hear in a university lecture.


Some may ask: how can these webinars help me? You will find the answer by watching 11 video recordings that we offer:

1. “Azure Logic Apps”: How to Integrate Different Systems Without Writing a Single Line of Code?” – Anton Boyko, Azure cloud architect at Valtech Ukraine. “The real value of a developer is the ability not to write code, but to solve specific business tasks and meet its current needs. Code is just a tool for a developer, not the ultimate goal,” – says Anton Boyko, the webinar speaker.


As part of his event, he presents “Serverless” concept potential using the example of “Azure Logic Apps” – a cloud platform for creating and launching automated business processes that combine services, data and third-party systems. With it, one can quickly create scalable integration solutions for various business areas. Besides a detailed analysis of the technology’s advantages and disadvantages, Anton demonstrates a real example of creating an application using “Logic Apps Designer”.

2. “Product Manager’s Career: To Solve the Problem from the End” – Tetiana Moroz, product manager at SendPulse. Product manager is a profession that is in high demand today in the fields of marketing and IT. Relevant workers do not draft codes, create design, make deals or plan communications. But in fact they help their team or company bring a product to consumers, thus responding for its success. Everyone needs such qualified and experienced specialists, they are simply worth their weight in gold. After watching the webinar recording by Tetiana Moroz, you will learn the difference between a product manager and a project manager, the specifics of the former’s work, as well as how to succeed in realizing and promoting a business idea through a thorny path of mistakes and correct decisions, victories and defeats.

3. “Serverless. Servers Are No Longer Needed” – Yehor Herasymchuk, co-founder at Dots Platform. In this webinar, we again turn to “Serverless” concept. Cloud technologies have become an essential part of applications development, but what is the next logical step in their evolution that will reduce costs and accelerate production processes? In this video, together with Yehor Herasymchuk, you can analyze in detail the advantages and disadvantages of “Serverless”, and find the answer to the question “Are servers really no longer needed?”

4. “Marketing Tools to Influence Consumer Behavior. Customer Analytics” – Kateryna Holoburda, trade marketing manager at EVO ( Where does a consumer’s interest in a product come from, what motivates to make a purchase or become a regular customer? Sometimes we do not even realize this happens due to the influence of various marketing tools. However, they are well-known to companies that promote their products and build separate marketing policies, strategies, tactics for this success, while also make a portrait of their consumer.


After listening Katerina Holoburda’s webinar, you will learn how to effectively apply “4P” marketing model, principles of product and pricing policy, sales and communications with the target audience.

5. “Execution of Asynchronous Tasks Using “Spring Boot” – Ivan Metla, lead software engineer at AgileVision. Demand for asynchronous tasks is often encountered in real development scenarios. Throughout the webinar, Ivan thoroughly examines the concept of asynchronous tasks and multithreading, as well as provides practical examples of creating Java applications using the capabilities of “Spring Boot” framework.

6. “Lifehacks for a Successful Interview” – Maryna Veremiienko, talent acquisition consultant at Valtech Ukraine. Although professionalism and experience make up about 80% of success, not getting the coveted offer “Welcome to our team!” can happen regardless of qualification level. For it is very important to make a positive impression on a potential employer.


Sometimes the outcome is decided even by fractions of a second, which can both save the situation and spoil everything. After watching the video, you will no longer regret you did not know the formula for a successful interview and how to properly answer tricky questions of cunning HR managers. Take the webinar and confidently send your CV to a dream company!

7. “The Story of How Three Professions Intertwined: Marketing Automation, Project Management and Sales Operations” – Vitalii Kravchenko, project manager at Valtech Ukraine. This story will eventually turn into a legend, and a legend into a myth. Or not. Either way, the professions of marketing automation, project management, and sales operations in IT are truly interconnected. At the webinar, Vitalii Kravchenko talks about the tasks facing each of them.


You will learn how to identify a client’s criteria, develop plans and strategies for content and informational campaigns, establish a dialogue with a consumer. The webinar will also reveal many new aspects of project management regarding tasks of work organization and its improvement.

8. “If You Can’t Explain What You Are Good at, then What Are You Good At?” – Maiia Tavlui, digital marketing manager at Valtech Ukraine. Oh, these familiar torments from the usual request “Tell about yourself”! It seems like a simple thing, but it often poses to a dead end. Hesitation, confusion, feeling awkward. You do not know what to say, where to start... Even worse is when you have to talk about yourself or present your idea in public. It is hard to do without a sedative, trembling hands or panic. Or simply the speech can go wrong, because self-presentation is a kind of marketing and art.


And all because you have not watched Maiia Tavlui’s webinar yet! Of course, it is impossible to acquire the necessary skills at once. But our speaker’ tips and constant practice will help you confidently move in this direction. 

9. “Product Marketing in IT” – Yevhen Kyriienko, product marketing manager at SendPulse. The profession of a product marketer as a separate unit in Ukrainian IT appeared not so long ago. Western experts joke by comparing it to a one-man band.


Yevhen’s webinar will help you learn who a product marketing manager is, how one adapts a product to market needs and actively communicates with a consumer, overcoming doubts, answering questions and conveying a sense of a product’s value.

10. “A Survival Guide for Juniors Who Work in a Global Environment, Navigating Through the Features of Various Countries and Cultures” – Arturas Kvederis, managing director at Valtech Ukraine. Earning in IT means being ready to work abroad or, staying at home, cooperate with representatives of other nations and cultures. Overall, humanity shares many common values, but traditions, history, levels of technological progress or democratic development and other factors create a range of differences between us.


In this video, Arturas talks about the importance of respect for diversity and human rights in democratic countries, as well as how to avoid unpleasant situations and conflicts due to prejudice, negative stereotypes or discrimination while working in a multicultural and foreign environment.

11. “Microservices vs Monolith” – Ihor Abdrazakov, lead developer at Dots Platform. According to our webinar expert, this confrontation is similar to the longstanding debate over which is better: Android or iOS.


Monolithic and microservice architectures are two diametrically different approaches, each with its own purpose, advantages and disadvantages. Together with Ihor, we hold a kind of battle between microservices and monolith, broke everything down and tried to put an end to this debate. And you can find out how it all ended by watching the video.

In 2022, we at Chernihiv.IT together with our partners are preparing new exciting and informative events! Follow news from Cluster here and on social networks. You can also learn about educational activities from Chernihiv.


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