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Chernihiv.IT ProsvITa July 2018

In July 2018, Chernihiv IT cluster launched “ProsvITa” training program in cooperation with ChNUT (Chernihiv National University of Technology). During the week, students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a wide range of IT branches, to understand how this industry looks from the inside and what awaits them in the future when they start job search.


 The speakers shared their experiences, successes, mistakes, tips on where to get additional information on certain topics, how to evolve using modern opportunities and technologies. Volodymyr Ananko (Acropolium) told about the “inner kitchen” of an IT company. Dmytro Horin (SendPulse) revealed the world of IT managers: who they are, how to become them and what challenges await in such a position. Programming languages, frameworks and technical areas were presented by Olha Miroshnychenko and Oleksii Artiukh (Astound Commerce), Serhii Stasiuk (WydeVoice), Pavlo Zheldak and Serhii Kyslyi (Acropolium). Dmytro Shemendiuk shared UA design methods and tricks. Yurii Shudra (Astound Commerce) explained what a developer’s work really is. Volodymyr Dubyna (Speroteck) talked about self-education in IT and proved the importance and necessity of constant studying and self-improvement. Olha Pyshenko (HR of SendPulse) told what and how to do, but also what to avoid when writing a CV.


 Chernihiv IT cluster and the students were generally satisfied with the result. We received a lot of positive feedbacks, as well as comments and recommendations for the future. The students talked with the representatives of our city’s IT companies outside the offices, got answers to their questions, interesting insights from experienced developers and hopefully motivation for further self-improvement.


The first course of “ProsvITa” program focused on a number of topics and areas. Considering the participants’ feedbacks, we intend to provide targeted courses for specific topics and the target audience training level. We are very grateful to our partner ChNUT and personally to Serhii Ivanets – Dean of the Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies – for assistance in holding the event.

Watch how the training took place in a photoset!

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