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Chernihiv.IT ProsvITa 2019: summer edition

On June 24 – 27, 2019, Chernihiv IT cluster held another “ProsvITa” training program for ChNUT students. This time it had the format of thematic days: “Development Day”, “Project Management Day”, “Business Analysis Day”, “HR Day”. Each was full of interesting and useful reports, cases, practices. The students had a chance to receive not only extensive information about various IT industry branches, but also answers to their questions and tips from Chernihiv IT companies experts on where to get additional data, what to read and how to “pump” skills.


It was nice to see not only future IT professionals among the participants, but also students and even teachers of other specialties, because such topics as project management and business analysis are an integral part of workflow in many fields today.



This time the feature was that current ChNUT students, who were undergoing internship at one of Cluster’s IT companies, took on the role of speakers. According to them, they gained significant experience and opportunity to open up in a new “public speaking” environment. In this way, Chernihiv IT Cluster provides a platform and prospects to raise local speakers.


The program ended with “HR Day”, when the students got comprehensive information on where and how to search for jobs, how to write a CV or motivation letter that recruiters will really notice, what interviews are and how to prepare for them, what to say and what not to say during interviews – all the lifehacks, tips and hints from HRs!

All the participants presented themselves; the students wrote CVs for real vacancies in groups and talked a lot with recruiters.

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