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The world around is changing and adaptability is becoming a “must have” skill of modern times. Given the quarantine restrictions, Chernihiv IT cluster held “ProsvITa 2020” summer program in online format. Every Thursday of July and August our companies experts shared their knowledge and experience with students and generally all interested in IT. Many industry workers also joined the relevant webinars, wishing to deepen and expand their competences. Meanwhile, for some speakers such online format gave a new experience and opportunity to improve public speaking skills.


Learn more about “ProsvITa 2020” webinars:


“How to Plan” by Olha Shcherba, delivery manager at AgileVision.


One of the most valuable resources today is time. Olha shared the basics of self-organization and self-management, told how to evaluate work, define priorities, and ultimately fulfill plans.

Watch the webinar here: “How to Plan”.

“JavaScript / TypeScript: Why Monorepos Are Cool” by Evgeniya Samonenko, senior full-stack software developer at AgileVision.


With 30 years (!) of software development experience under his belt, Yevhenii told the webinar attendees about:

- need for repositories and version control systems

- advantages and disadvantages of monorepositories

- benefits of monorepositories when developing projects in JavaScript & TypeScript

- tools for working in a monorepository, and much more.

“Your First Project as a Manager”  Diana Kovaleva , PM JEVERA

This is a highly relevant and useful webinar for those starting out in project management and beyond.

What to focus on in the first week of work? How to build efficient interaction with a team? Our speaker provided structured answers to these questions, while also talked frankly about the mistakes that even experienced managers often make, and how to avoid them.

“Interface Prototyping as a Method of Collecting Functional Requirements” by Kateryna Ponomarenko, business analyst at JEVERA.


For a long time, Kateryna had been engaged in designing and implementing IT solutions for the contact center of a large Ukrainian retail network, helping the business daily, empathizing with users, cooperating with the team. At the webinar, she explained in detail under what conditions and how to effectively use “interface language” to identify requirements for a system and its design.

“Back to the Future. Web Components — Usage and Integration in a Project” by Dmytro Dmitry Tsybenko,

certified salesforce commerce cloud developer at Valtech Ukraine.


Dmytro introduced the audience to web components, addressing the aspects of browser support, IE and interaction with web components. He also revealed the pros and cons of the latter and demonstrated how to use them in practice.​

“Find Yourself in IT Industry” by Dmytro Shkilniuk, magento consultant at Valtech Ukraine.

The webinar is relevant for all interested in IT, including students, entrants and their parents. We discussed why exactly this field is attractive for career choice today and what are its advantages, opportunities & prospects. Dmytro provided an overview of IT in Ukraine, the core posts and roles, described his own career path, and added some motivation to those who see themselves in this industry.

Why are Ukrainian IT specialists in such high demand? Why do the realities of “getting into IT” differ from the advertising of any courses? What to start from and where to develop in QA?

Valtech Ukraine senior QA engineer Inna Tyslenko shared openly her own experience on those topics during the webinar “Getting into IT. GA”. We recommend it to students, entrants and generally all interested in IT.

“Retrospective as a Method to Improve Teamwork Processes” by Taras Nabok, project manager at JEVERA.

Perfection has no limits. If you want to constantly optimize the workflow, conducting retrospectives will help you with this. Taras’s webinar attendees learned to analyze past work experience and plan steps to improve team efficiency in the future. They also received useful tips and lifehacks on retrospectives and teamwork in general, as it is without exaggeration a key aspect of IT projects.

The best, as always, was in questions and answers.

“ProsvITa 2020” summer cycle ended with the webinar “Top 10 Software Engineering Skills” by Volodymyr Rudyi, CEO AgileVision.

Technologies and frameworks flare up and fade almost daily. From time to time, new programming languages ​​emerge. So what should you study? What competencies will be in demand when you graduate? Volodymyr thoroughly revealed the top 10 skills of software development that remain popular and are in constantly increasing demand.

We are confident our webinars participants received a lot of useful information and now understand the subject field and its modern realities far better. Chernihiv.IT team continues working on new training programs, so stay tuned for announcements of relevant events.

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