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Chernihiv.IT ProsvITa 2020: winter edition

During the winter holidays from January 27 to 31, 2020, the fourth “ProsvITa” training program organized by Chernihiv IT cluster took place. The participants examined current trends in the industry and discussed opportunities & prospects for a specialist development in an IT company.


We started with “HR Day”. The students learned about the types of IT companies, how they are organized internally, how teams are formed and projects are executed. Together with recruiters and HRs, they practiced composing and presenting CVs; watched how an interview goes and what to expect from it; heard about onboarding and training in companies.



Day 2 – “Manage IT”: the speakers told about development cycles, IT managers’ types and roles, management methods and styles, teambuilding, types of project teams and how they worked in real life.


Day 3 – “BA & UX”: we figured out the benefits of early collaboration within a single project and team, as well as what UML is and how to use various useful diagrams in practice.


Days 4 and 5 addressed the aspects of development and QA: leading experts of Chernihiv IT companies shared knowledge, experience and practical cases with the students, recommending useful links for self-study.



We received positive feedback from the participants with insights on the fields and topics that interested them.

The next program will come in the summer with the wishes received being taken into account, since we hope to attract even more motivated listeners.

Watch the winter “ProsvITa” highlights in a short video:

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