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Switcher's Fuckup Night completed!

On the last Tuesday of March, there were many stories from sweaters in the hall of the Regional Development Agency, and we will share the insights with you:


1️⃣ Work in IT is constant learning, you should look for internships and practice everywhere to consolidate skills and grow on real projects. And also - GD and QA of games ≠ play games for days. "A lot of work with documentation, permissions and bugs," noted Danylo Kompaniets, Game Designer at Pam Pam Studio. 

2️⃣ From the report of Igor Samusev, Game Designer at Pam Pam Studio, we note: "If you don't have the courage to apply for a salary increase with the growth of skills - it will not be there, we are the drivers of change. And high-quality LinkedIn and networking are the way to grow in the car "Yeri".

3️⃣ Pavlo Navrotsky, Trainee SFCC BED Speroteck, proved by his own example that it is worth trying and not giving up after failures. Also, there's no shame in Googling what you don't know, that's how you learn!

4️⃣ From Olga Gustas, Senior Manuale QA Speroteck, we learned that the role of QA is underestimated, because this profession is considered the "easiest" path in IT. However, this is far from the truth! 

5️⃣ Dmytro Levoshich, CEO of QubeSoft, told about the pitfalls of communication with clients and colleagues, one of which is the story of how a "cheeky" answer created a lot of negative pressure on the company.


We thank the sweaters for their openness, and the participants for their support. See you in April. As always, the last Tuesday of the month! 🤩

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