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“The Miracle Is Me”: Chernihiv.IT joined the New Year’s social project

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

If there were a device to measure the level of wonder, its indicators would jump up sharply during Christmas and New Year holidays in Chernihiv! Since for the third time our Cluster and Chernihiv Educational & Rehabilitation Center № 2 successfully realized a social project called “The Miracle Is Me”.

Under the initiative’s terms, each participant could become a part of a wonderful New Year’s story for children with disabilities and their families. To do that, it was enough to register on the project’s website and, having received a letter with information about a child, fulfill a wish made in it.

It would not be easy to promptly ensure work of such a mechanism, but the power to create miracles unites an incredible number of people! “This time the colleagues agreed to support “The Miracle Is Me” project. Accordingly, IT community acted as its organizer. By the way, I am very pleased that Yelyzaveta Martynovych and Anastasiia Otchychenko, the students of the Department of Marketing, PR-Technologies and Logistics, realized the operational part of our initiative, – says Olha Rys, Chernihiv.IT coordinator. – The girls responded to help organize various events after my guest lecture as part of “Event Technologies” course at Chernihiv Polytechnic National University. I am confident both Chernihiv.IT and our assistants gained valuable practical experience “in the field of creating miracles”.

As a result, the dreams of over 100 children came true, and their “magicians” were 90 project participants, who gave miracles both alone and together with their families. One of them was the couple Valerii Chyhliaiev and Zarina Archakova. They arranged a holiday with gifts for the family and friends of little Taras, as well as watching a cartoon in the cinema.

“We really enjoy feeling those emotions of happiness when we see children smile while we make their dreams come true”, – Zarina shared her impressions.

However, of course, the greatest value was the time spent with the children and a huge amount of bright and positive impressions. “It’s not just an exchange of gifts, – says Rehina Husak, the project co-organizer and director of Chernihiv Educational & Rehabilitation Center № 2, – it’s an exchange of good mood! It enables our pupils and their parents to feel that miracles exist, that kind people are nearby, and that all dreams come true sooner or later!”

Creating miracles and sharing heart warmth can become a good habit. One of the initiative participants, Oleksii Shekeria, joined it for the third time! “This is a wonderful project that gives the chance to bring a little joy to children, – says Oleksii. – Thanks to it, this time we met Maksym, came to visit, congratulated him on New Year and holidays. In the future, there is even more desire to realize cherished dreams of children!”

By contrast, Nataliia Cherevko joined the project for the first time. “The organizers invited me last year, but somehow it didn’t work out. I am glad it was successful this year! – Nataliia shares. – Christmas is a time of miracles! In this period, you want to share something, to warm, please, help and teach children love. This project is about goodness, love and miracles. We met an active boy named Oleksandr, came to sing carols on Old New Year and stayed as guests. To be frank, our son enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to leave. Now he often asks when we’ll go to Sasha again”.

Olha Havryk also got bright impressions of the new acquaintance: “I wanted to do a little nice thing, because during New Year holidays we are all somewhat magicians. We met with Mykhailyk, and our conversation went great! We spent time together at “Cactus” master class in the creativity studio”.

No less warm was the meeting arranged for high schoolers by Chernihiv Polytechnic National University students. Delicious pizza, new acquaintances and friends, surprises and plenty of happy smiles meant a wonderful holiday was guaranteed from the very beginning.

The participants and partners of our wonderful initiative were “Tsapa” urban cafe, “Pasta Basta” cafe, “Marconi” pizzeria, “Librarium” shop and “Budynok Knyhy” public utility.

We sincerely thank all “The Miracle Is Me” project participants. We do not know the exact number of meetings that took place, but every day we receive new feedbacks and learn new stories of friendship between the families united by the project. Now they will create miracles together!



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